Welcome to the website of:

The Honor Knights of Azeroth of the Scilla realm

This is a test server expect it to go down A L O T due to poking, prodding and beating on it.

We are a small guild that is build around being friendly and helpful. Our guild type by many classifications is that of a Social/Family type guild, see Guild Types for more information.

Our guild has a few requirements for players to remain in our guild, these are intended to help all players in and out of the guild:

If you're new to the game, or are not a very good player, you are more than welcome to stay in our guild. Many of the officers will be glad to assist you in getting better at the game. If you're not properly speced, oddly speced or geared poorly, you're also allowed to stay in our guild. Hybrid players are welcome into our guild.

How to join The Honor Knights of Azeroth

The process to joining The Honor Knights of Azeroth is a very simple one, simply ask one of us to add you to our guild. If they say they cannot add you to their guild, ask them to try. Almost all guildies are able to add members. We're very open and glad to accept almost anyone into our guild.

Since we're a small guild, it isn't always possible to find us in a city looking for more members. If you would like to join us, but don't see us in the capital of your choice, simply type in the following command into the WoW UI and you will be able to see if any of us are on at the moment:

/who Honor Knights of Azeroth


/who honor knights

Case does not matter with the /who command in WoW, so it will find one of our members if you use all capital letters. Please keep in mind that any guild that has those words in it will display when you use the /who command, so if there is a guild called: "Azeroth Knights Of Honor", you may be looking at the wrong guild and we are not with any other guild so our rules may not apply to them.

Officers of the guild:

Kaldoran (now Volodya) = Guild Founder (In boot camp at the moment, they're trying to make a man out of him, they're also trying to make apples out of oranges)

Rotting (now twice as ugly) = Guild Master (Very active guildie, very friendly guildie, very ugly guildie.... Mehhh, 2 out of three ain't bad)

Blaude (now twice as worthless) = Second in commnad (Gripes a lot, barely worth keeping in the guild, if it weren't for the server we'd drop them)

Ithalys (now twice the man he never was) = Third in command (Hasn't been on in awhile, not that we're complaining though, we don't have to put up with his B.O.)

To better help everyone keep up with addons, we will occasionally put addons here for your convenience. Please not that these addons can become out of date quickly as the writers of these addons may quit work on them for any number of reasons. All copyrights belong to the writers of the addons.

The addons are somewhat up to date as of September 15th, 2011.

Download all addons at once.